Orchid list

This is a preliminary list has been compiled by Petra Ballings, based on the occurrence of species in the Eastern Division. 

Literature used for the compilation of the list includes:  Southern African Epiphytic Orchids,  (J.S. Ball, 1978); Flora ZambesiacaVol. 11, Part 1&2 ( I. la Croix & P.J. Cribb, 1995,1998); and Terrestrial orchids in Zimbabwe, (W. Fibeck & M. Dare in Excelsa No. 16, 1993). 

Records are marked : PR = Personal records, FZ = Flora Zambesiaca,
RD = Southern African Plant Red Data List, SRGH = National Herbarium and Botanic Garden of Zimbabwe, DP = Darrel Plowes, JB = J.Ball, WF=Werner Fibeck.

More information: Zimbabwe flora

1. Epiphytic orchids

Name Habitat Flower time Records
Acampe pachyglossa Rchb.f. Sheltered areas, along river banks, 100m-1000m November to March PR,JB
Aerangis appendiculata (De Wild.) Schltr. Evergreen forest or high rainfall Brachystegia woodland, 1150-1850m February to March
Aerangis kotchyana (Rchb.f.) Schltr. Low altitude rain forest, 0-1500m April to May SRGH
Aerangis mystacidii (Rchb.f.) Schltr. Riverine & submontane evergreen forest, high rainfall woodland, 60-1800m March to May JB,SRGH
Aerangis verdickii (De Wild.) Schltr. Open woodland, 100-1800m November to January
Aeranthes africana J. L. Stewart Endemic to Vumba mountains, montane forest on East-facing ridges, 1670m November to December RD,JB,SRGH
Angraecopsis amaniensis Summerh. High rainfall Brachystegia  woodland & evergreen forest, 750-1500 m  April to May PR,JB,SRGH
Angraecopsis parviflora (Thouars) Schltr. Riverine and mixed evergreen forest, 870-1700m January to March PR,JB,SRGH
Angraecum chamaeanthus Schltr. Montane and submontane forest, 1400-2300m October to March PR,JB,SRGH
Angraecum chimanimaniensis  G.Will. Moist forest RD
Angraecum conchiferum Lindl. Montane evergreen forest, 1800-1900m September and October SRGH
Angraecum cultriforme Summerh. Riverine forest, moist evergreen forest, 50-700m January to March SRGH
Angraecum humile Summerh. Upper branches of forest trees, 1200-1400m
Angraecum minus Summerh. Evergreen rainforest and high rainfall woodland, 1000-1800m March PR,JB,SRGH
Angraecum pusillum Lindl. Shady forest September to March Chimanimani ?
Angraecum sacciferum Lindl. Montane and submontane evergreen forest, 1100-2300 m February and March PR,JB,SRGH
Angraecum stella-africae P.J.Cribb Brachystegia woodland, 1250-1500m December and January PR
Ansellia africana Lindl. Hot dry mixed decidious woodland, 0-1700m September to February PR,JB
Bolusiella iridifolia (Rolfe) Schltr. With mosses & lichens on trees in montane and submontane evergreen rain forest, 1400-2438m February to March PR,JB,SRGH
Bolusiella maudiae (Bolus) Schltr. Riverine forest & high rainfall woodland, 550-1150m February RD
Bulbophyllum ballii P.J. Cribb Evergreen forest, c. 1000m February to March RD,SRGH,PR
Bulbophyllum elliotii Rolfe High rainfall brachystegia woodland, 600-1600m February to April PR,JB,SRGH
Bulbophyllum encephalodes Summerh. Evergreen forest, high rainfall  Brachystegia woodland, 900-1150m May to August
Bulbophyllum fuscum Lindl. var. melinostachyum (Schltr.) J.J.Verm. Woodland and riverine forest, 60-1350m February to March FZ,JB,SRGH
Bulbophyllum humblotii Rolfe Brachystegia and Uapaca woodland, 640-1250m March PR,JB,SRGH
Bulbophyllum intertextum Lindl. Evergreen and riverine forest,1000-1900m March to mid April
Bulbophyllum josephi (Kuntze) Summerh. Brachystegia woodland, sub- montane evergreen forest, 1050-1900m March and April PR,JB,SRGH
Bulbophyllum maximum (Lindl.) Rchb.f. Brachystegia and mixed decidious woodland, riverine forest, 600-1600m October to December PR,JB,SRGH
Bulbophyllum sandersonii (Hook.f.) Rchb.f. subsp. sandersonii Epiphyte in woodland, 1000-1600m August to December PR,JB,SRGH
Bulbophyllum scaberulum (Rolfe) Bolus Woodland and evergreen forest, 900-1900m October to december PR,JB
Bulbophyllum unifoliatum De Wild.  subsp. infracarinatum (G.Will.) J.J.Verm. Riverine and submontane evergreen forest, 900-1100m December and January PR,JB
Cirrhopetalum umbellatum (Forst.) Hook & Arn                                                               (Bulbophyllum longiflorum Thouars) Evergreen forest, 800-1450m October to January JB,SRGH
Cyrtorchis arcuata (Lindl.) Schltr. var. arcuata Brachystegia and Uapaca woodland, 310-2200 m March to May FZ
Cyrtorchis praetermissa  Summerh. Brachystegia and Uapaca woodland, 650-1500 m December to January PR,JB
Cyrtorchis ringens (Rchb.f.) Summerh. Submontane & montane forest, high rainfall Brachystegia woodland, 1000-1900m February to March PR,JB
Diaphananthe rutila (Rchb.f.) Summerh. Evergreen rainforest & riverine forest, high rainfall Brachystegia woodland, 550-1900m March PR,JB
Diaphananthe stolzii Schltr. Evergreen forest, near rivers on rocks & low boles, 870-1900m March FZ,JB,SRGH
Diaphananthe subsimplex  Summerh. Submontane & montane evergreen forest, 1500-1970m January to February JB,SRGH
Diaphananthe xanthopollinia  (Rchb.f.) Summerh. Submontane & riverine forest, high rainfall Brachystegia woodland, 600-1800m May to June FZ,SRGH
Jumellea walleri (Rolfe) la Croix  

 (J. filicornoides (De Wild. ) Schltr.)

Riverine forest, high rainfall woodland, 350-1700m January to March SRGH
Microcoelia corallina Summerh. Dry mixed decidious woodland, near rivers, 200-450m DP
Microcoelia exilis Lindl. At lower altitude on trees along river banks,  0-1800m February and March PR,JB,SRGH
Microcoelia moreauae L. Jonss. Riverine forest, hot areas at low altitude, 650-1750m August and September
Microcoelia stolzii (Schltr.) Summerh. Montane evergreen forest, 1150-2300m September to October PR,JB,SRGH
Mystacidium gracile Harv. Montane evergreen rainforest, c. 1600m Start January – mature October
Mystacidium tanganyikense Summerh. Montane evergreen rainforest, 1700- 2400m February PR,JB
Oberonia disticha (Lam.) Schltr. Evergreen forest, high rainfall Brachystegia woodland, 430-1200m February to March
Polystachya adansoniae Rchb.f. Evergreen forest, high rainfall Brachystegia woodland, 1390-1660m March into April PR,SRGH,JB
Polystachya albescens  Ridl. subsp. imbricata (Rolfe) Summerh. Rain and riverine forest, high rainfall woodland, 760-1650m October to January PR, SRGH,JB
Polystachya caespitifica Engl. subsp. hollandii (L.Bolus) P.J.Cribb & Podzorski Submontane and montane evergreen forest, 1500-2300m March to June PR
Polystachya campyloglossa Rolfe Montane forest,1800-1900m mid October to mid December PR,SRGH,JB
Polystachya concreta (Jacq.) Garay & H.R. Sweet Low altitude evergreen rainforest and riverine forest, high rainfall Brachystegia woodland, 30-1450m January to March PR,SRGH,JB
Polystachya cultriformis (Thouars) Spreng. Submontane evergreen forest and riverine forest,  1000-2000m November to January PR,SRGH,JB
Polystachya dendrobiiflora Rchb.f. Brachystegia and Uapaca woodland, 550-2165 m, grows also terrestrial August to November
Polystachya fusiformis (Thouars) Lindl. Montane evergreen forest and riverine forest, high rainfall woodland, 900-2100m January and February PR
Polystachya golungensis Rchb.f. Evergreen forest, dry woodland, c. 1000m August and September FZ,RD,JB SRGH
Polystachya modesta Rchb.f. Riverine forest, high rainfall & mist zone  woodland, 0-1800m January to February FZ,SRGH,JB
Polystachya simplex Rendle Submontane evergreen forest, 900-1200m December to January PR,SRGH,JB
Polystachya stuhlmannii Kraenzl. Evergreen forest, high rainfall  Brachystegia woodland, 900-1550m FZ
Polystachya subumbellata P.J.Cribb & Podzorski Montane evergreen forest, c.1200m March PR,SRGH
Polystachya transvaalensis Schltr. Submontane and montane forest, 1400-2440m November to January PR,SRGH
Polystachya valentina I.la Croix & P.J. Cribb Submontane forest, high rainfall  Brachystegia woodland, 1300-1700m September and October PR,SRGH,JB
Polystachya zambesiaca Rolfe Brachystegia woodland, 900-1700 m August to February PR,JB
Rangaeris muscicola (Rchb.f.) Summerh. Evergreen forest, Brachystegia  woodland, 800-1800m, often lithophyte January to March PR,JB,SRGH
Solenangis conica (Schltr.) L. Jonss. Montane trees and schrubs, 1800-2150m February to March PR,JB,SRGH
Stolzia compacta P.J. Cribb subsp. purpurata P. J. Cribb Submontane , montane and riverine forest, 1600-2000m August to January  
Stolzia repens (Rolfe) Summerh.var. obtusa G.Will. Submontane and montane evergreen forest, c. 2000m December to January PR,JB
Stolzia repens (Rolfe) Summerh. var. repens Evergreen forest, high rainfall woodland, 1050-2200m December to February PR,SRGH,JB
Summerhayesia zambesiaca  P.J.Cribb Riverine and evergreen rain forest, Brachystegia woodland, 600-700m March to May JB,WF
Taeniophyllum coxii (Summerh.) Summerh. Edge of riverine forest, 1330m April
Tridactyle anthomaniaca (Rchb.f.) Summerh. Edge of evergreen forest, high rainfall woodland, 60-1500m March PR,JB,SRGH
Tridactyle bicaudata (Lindl.) Schltr. Miombo woodland, low altitude evergreen forest, 900-1700m November to March PR,JB,SRGH
Tridactyle inaequilonga (De Wild.) Schltr. Submontane and riverine forest, 1250-1800m  December PR,JB,SRGH
Tridactyle tricuspis (Bolus) Schltr. High rainfall Brachystegia  woodland, 1130-2285m January to April PR,SRGH
Tridactyle tridactylites (Rolfe) Schltr. Submontane  evergreen forest, riverine forest at lower altitudes, 450-1600m  December and January PR,JB,SRGH
Tridactyle tridentata (Harv.) Schltr. Brachystegia and mixed deciduous woodland, 640-1900m November to March PR
Vanilla polylepis Summerh. Evergreen fringing forest, 1200-1500m, terrestrial orchid but climbs in trees when growing November PR,RD,JB,SRGH
Ypsilopus erectus (P.J.Cribb) P.J.Cribb & J.L. Stewart Mountainside miombo and mixed deciduous woodland on slopes, 1000-1800m March and April PR,JB,SRGH

2. Terrestrial orchids

Name Habitat Flower time Records
 B. cassidea Sond. In shade among boulders, 1200-1500m August-September
 B. speciosa (L.f.) Willd. Open deciduous woodland, c. 1500m  
 B. steudneri (Rchb.f.) T.Durand & Schinz Brachystegia woodland, 900-1100m February-April FZ,SRGH
B. buchananii (Schltr.) Rolfe Grassland and bog, 500-1800m January-March  
B. congoensis Kraenzl. Seepage areas at foot of slopes, wet grassland, Brachystegia woodland, 1000-1500m January- February  
B. lastii Rolfe

(Schwartzkopffia lastii (Rolfe) Schltr.)

Brachystegia woodland, 650-1800m November-December PR
B. ovata Lindl. subsp. welwitschii (Rchb.f.) Summerh. Grassland, vlei December- February FZ, SRGH
B. pleistophylla  Rchb.f.  subsp. pleistophylla Grassland, open woodland, 1100-2200m December-January PR, SRGH
B. tenuior Rchb.f. Open grassy areas, woodland, 1050-1800m January-February  
B. velutina Schltr. Grassland and open woodland, 1500-1800m December  
B. galpinii Bolus  subsp. galpinii Mountain grassland among rocks February-March  
B. maculata P.J.Cribb Forest shade, rotting tree trunks & rocks, above 1500m   SRGH
B. parviflora Harve ex Lindl. Mountain grassland, esp. in damp places March-April SRGH
C. sylvatica (Thouars) Lindl. Riverine and evergreen forest, shaded damp places, 900-1700m January- March FZ,SRGH
C. gymnochiloides (Ridl.) Rchb.f. Deep shade in riverine forest, 300-760m    
C. corymbis Thouars Deep shade in evergreen (lowland) forest, 100-1120m January-February  
C. anacamptoides Kraenzl.  var. anacamptoides Wet and marshy areas, 600-2300m November-January  
C. debilis (Hook.f.) Summerh.

( C. hanningtonii Rolfe)

High rainfall Brachystegia, damp grass near streams, occasionally in evergreen forest, 900-1900m February-May  
C. kassneriana Kraenzl. In leaf litter on forest floor, incl. pine plantations, on rocky seepage slopes, 1300-2300m February-May PR
C. kirkii Rolfe Seepage slopes in grass overlying rock, in shade of rocks, up to 1800m January-February  
D. africana Summerh. In leaf litter of sub-montane forest, up to 800m   FZ
D. aconitoides  Sond. subsp. concinna (N.E.Br.) H.P.Linder Brachestegia woodland, montane grassland and vleis, 1000-2000m December-January SRGH
D. equestris Rchb.f.  Vlei and montane grassland December-January  
D. erubescens Rendle subsp. erubescens Wet grassland or seepages in  montane zone,1800-2400m January-March  
D. fragrans Schltr. subsp fragrans Grassland and seepage slope amongst rocks May-June PR, SRGH
D. hircicornis Rchb.f. Vleis, swampy and wet grassland, 1500-1800m December-February SRGH
D. ochrostachya Rchb.f. Vlei and montane grassland, 1500-2600m January-February  
D. ornithantha Schltr. Brachestegia woodland or wet montane grassland, 1000-2000m January-March  
D. patula Sond.   var. transvaalensis Summerh. Montane grassland, 600-2400m January-February  
D. perplexa H.P.Linder Wet grassland, montane bog December-January  
D. saxicola Schltr. Montane grassland, on rocky outcrops and cliffs, often on moss covered rock, 1000-2400m January-March  
D. walleri Rchb.f. Brachestegiawoodland or secondary montane grassland, 1000-2300m January-February  
D. welwitschii Rchb.f.    subsp. welwitschii Damp grassland and vleis, 900-2400m December-January  
D. woodii Schltr. Well-drained to wet grassland, along roadsides September-November  
D. zombica N.E.Br. Montane grassland, 1200-2200m January-April  
D. anthoceros Rchb.f.     In leaf litter in shade of evergreen forest, in pine & cypress plantations, 1100-2300m February-March SRGH
D. concinna Schltr. Moist submontane grassland, c. 1800m February  
D. dicerochila Summerh. In leaf litter in evergreen forest, in pine & cypress plantations, 1700-2300m February-March PR
D. leuconeura Schltr. Evergreen & riverine forest, deep shade in leaf litter, 450-800m January-February SRGH
D. lindleyana Rchb.f. In leaf litter in evergreen forest, in pine plantations, 1650-2000m December-January PR, STGH
D. micrantha Lindl. Leaf-mould on forest floor, deep shade, riverine forest, c. 1350m March  
D. reichenbachiana Rchb.f. In leaf litter in riverine or submontane forest, rock crevices in bushy grassland, 800-1600m December-February  
D. thorncroftii Schltr. Montane evergreen forest, on forest floor, 1700-2000m December  
D. thomensis Summerh. This white disperis most resembles D. thomensis, however it is not on the checklist of Zimbabwe. Futher investigation is necessary.  February PR, WF
D. virginalis Schltr. On forest floor in montane evergreen forest & pine plantations, on mossy rocks under Podocarpus, 1500-1950m February-March SRGH
E. acutilabra Summerh. Miombo and mixed deciduous woodland, 480-1650m October-December  
E. adenoglossa (Lindl.) Rchb.f. Miombo woodland and open plateau grassland, 700-1350m December-January  
E. callichroma Rchb.f. Dry miombo and mixed decidious woodland, grassy areas among rocks, often after bushfires, 60-1500m September-October  
E. clitellifera (Rchb.f.) Bolus Grassland and open woodland,  often after bushfires,  0-1900m September-October  
E. cucullata (Afzel. ex Sw.) Steud. Miombo and mixed decidious woodland, wooded grassland and forest margins,       0-1700m October-December PR
E. eustachya (Rchb.f.) Geerinck

(Pteroglossaspis eustachya Rchb. f.)

Seasonally wet grassland, vleis and submontane grassland, 1400-1700m December-January PR
E. eylesii Summerh. Miombo and mixed decidious woodland, 500-1700m October-December FZ, SRGH
E. foliosa (Lindl.) Bolus Submontane grassland and vlei margins, 1500-1650m    
E. fridericii (Rchb.f.) A. V. Hall Brachystegia and mixed deciduous woodland, in rocky areas on hillsides,    700-1500m October-December SRGH
E. gonychila Schltr. Miombo and mixed deciduous woodland, recently burned grassland, 900-1770m Augustus-November FZ,SRGH
E. guineensis Lindl. Riverine forest and thicket shade, sometimes on granite outcrops, 1000m November-December  
E. hians  Spreng.

var. hians

Montane grassland, often after fires, c. 1500m    
     var. inaequalis (Schltr.) S.A. Thomas Montane grassland, often after fires, c. 1500m    
     var. nutans (Schltr.) S.A. Thomas Grasslands, 900-2200m    
E. katangensis (De Wild.) De Wild. Dry grassland, rocky hillsides, dry Brachystegia woodland, 1000-1500m Augustus-September  
E. leachii Greatrex ex A.V. Hall Dry deciduous woodland on sandy soils, 600-1050m December-February  
E. livingstoneana (Rchb.f.) Summerh. Edge of woodland, grasslands, Protea scrub slopes, 0-2200m October-January  
E. longisepala Rendle Miombo and mixed deciduous woodland, granite outcrops, rocky hill slopes, 5-1400m November-December  
E. mechowii (Rchb.f.) Durand & Schinz

(E. zeyheri Hook.f.)

Evergreen forest margin, grassland often with scattered scrub, 0-1920m November-January PR
E. milnei Rchb.f. Vlei and bog October-December SRGH
E. mumbwaensis Summerh. Brachystegia woodland, rocky hillsides, 1000-1500m October-November SRGH
E. norlindhii Summerh. Miombo woodland, rocky hill slopes, 500-1500m November-December  
E. nyasae Rendle Miombo woodland or scrub, on rocky hillsides, 900-1680m November-December FZ,SRGH
E. odontoglossa Rchb.f. Open montane & submontane grassland, Brachystegia woodland, 0-2100m December-March  
E. orthoplectra (Rchb.f.) Summerh. Brachystegia and mixed deciduous woodland, open grassland, 900-1800m Augustus-October  
E. ovalis Lindl.  var. bainesii (Rolfe) P.J.Cribb & la Croix Montane grassland and woodland on rocky hillsides, 1000-2135m December-January  
E. parviflora (Lindl.) A.V. Hall Submontane grassy slopes, open hillsides, 1060-1970m October SRGH
E. penduliflora Kraenzl. Miombo and Brachystegia boehmii woodland, rocky hillsides, 750-1600m September-November  
E. petersii (Rchb.f.) Rchb.f. hot often low rainfall areas, on rocky outcrops, 0-1400m November-January FZ,SRGH
E. pulchra (Thouars) Lindl. 

(Oceoclades pulchra (Thouars) Clements & P.J.Cribb)

Deep shade in riverine forest, 600m February  
E. pyrophila (Rchb.f.) Summerh. Grassland & open deciduous woodland, often after fire, 600-1400m October-November  
E. rara Schltr. Brachystegia woodland, 550-1700m December-January  
E. rosea (Lindl.) A.D. Hawkes (E.horsfallii (Bateman) Summerh.) Swampy areas in riverine and evergreen forest, base of mountain slopes, up to 1900m very erratic FZ,SRGH
E. saxicola P.J.Cribb & G.Will. Brachystegia woodland, 1200-1800m September-December  
E. schweinfurthii Kraenzl. Brachystegia and mixed deciduous woodland, open grassland, 300-1950m Augustus-October  
E. seleensis (De Wild.) Butzin Brachystegia woodland, rocky hillsides, 800-1650m November-December  
E. speciosa (Lindl.) Bolus Miombo and mixed deciduous woodland, grassland, 0-1700m September-January SRGH
E. stachyodes Rchb.f. Open grassland, margins of riverine forest, 660-1300m December-January  
E. streptopetala Lindl. Mixed deciduous woodland, submontane grassland, forest margins, 800-2300m October-December PR, SRGH
E. subsaprophytica Schltr. Miombo and mixed deciduous woodland, Brachystegia /Uapaca woodland, 800-1600m October-December FZ
E. tenella Rchb.f. Open submontane grassland, vlei, 1500-1800m December-January PR,SRGH
E. tuberculata Bolus Miombo and mixed deciduous woodland, montane grassland, 1100-1900m September-November  
E. venulosa Rchb.f. Miombo woodland, wooded grassland, 10-1500m October-December PR, FZ, SRGH
H. amoena Summerh. Brachystegia woodland, rocky hillsides, 800-1450m February-March PR
H. bicolor Conrath & Kraenzl. Open woodland amongst granite rocks, grassland, c. 1800m February-April  
H. cirrhata (Lindl.) Rchb.f. Brachystegia woodland, 1100-1500m December-March  
H. clavata (Lindl.) Rchb.f. Brachystegia woodland, montane grassland, 1000-1700m February-April  
H. cornuta Lindl. Woodland and montane grassland,1000-2300m January-April FZ
H. disparilis Summerh. Brachystegia woodland, grassland,also in road cuttings, 1050-1500m January-April  
H. dregeana Lindl. Short grassland and open woodland, c. 1500m February  
H. elliotii Rolfe ex Kraenzl. Deep shade in fringe of riverine forest, 650-900m April  
H. falcicornis (Lindl.) Bolus var. caffra (Schltr.) Renz & Schelpe Grassland February-March  
H. filicornis Lindl. Grassland, often poorly drained ground, edge of Brachystegia woodland, 1150-2300m December-April  
H. galpinii Bolus Wet soil over rock, Eucalyptus plantations, 1400-1800m February-April  
H. harmsiana Schltr. Boggy grassland, 650-1200m January-February  
H. huillensis Rchb.f. Grassland, up to 1700m    
H. humilior Rchb.f. Damp areas in woodland clearings, montane grassland, 900-2200m January-March  
H. macrandra Lindl. Evergreen and dense riverine forest, 350-1060m February-March  
H. macrostele Summerh. Montane grassland, wet soil overlying rocks, 1500-1800m February-April  
H. magnirostris Summerh. Boggy grassland, 1450-1650m December-January  
H. malacophylla Rchb.f. Deep shade in forest, often near streams, 880-1800m March-May PR
H. mira Summerh. Riverine forest, woodland near stream, 900-1360m January-February  
H. myodes Summerh. subsp. myodes OpenBrachystegia woodland, grass at forest edge, rocky hillsides, 900-2400m March-April  
H. nyikana Rchb.f. subsp. nyikana Grassland and Brachystegia woodland, 0-1750m March-April PR
H. petitiana (A.Rich.) T.Durand & Schinz Deep shade in evergreen forest, 1250-2300m February-March  
H. pilosa Schltr. Brachystegia woodland, 900m January-February FZ
H. praestans Rendle var. praestans Montane grassland, Brachystegia woodland and forest margins, 100-2400m February-March  
H. schimperiana A. Rich Wet grassland, vleis, 880-2300m January-March  
H. singularis Summerh.  Grassland, vleis, c. 1500m February  
H. sochensis Rchb.f. Grassland and edge of woodland, sometimes in Eucalyptus & pine plantations, 1050-1700m March-April  
H. strangulans Summerh. Open woodland, 1100-1200m April  
H. stylites Rchb.f. & S. Moore subsp. rhodesiaca Summerh.     WF
H. subaequalis Summerh. Submontane grassland, usually in marshy soil amongst rocks, vleis, 1500-1980m February-March PR,SRGH
H. tentaculigera Rchb.f. Brachystegia woodland, wet grassland, seepage zones amongst rocks, 1000-2250m December-January  
H. trachypetala Kraenzl. Brachystegia woodland, evergreen forest margins, montane grassland, 1330-2100m March-April FZ,SRGH
H. trilobulata Schltr. Brachystegia or mixed deciduous woodland, riverine forest, 60-800m February-March PR, FZ
H. tysonii Bolus In grass on rocky hillsides March  
H. macowaniana Rchb.f. Shallow soil near granite bolders, grassy slopes, 1800-1850m September  
H. orthoceras (Harv.) Rchb.f. Submontane grassland or amongst mossy rocks, 1500-2050m Augustus-October  
H. randii Rendle Dry open grassland, shady woodland,    c. 1650m October  
H. villosa Lindl. Grassy slopes, 1800-2270m October  
L. bowkeri Harv. Riverine forest, high rainfall Brachystegia woodland, 1100-2200m January-February PR,SRGH
L. latialata Mansf. Riverine forest, leaf mould in marshy ground, 1060-1120m January SRGH
L. mulindana Schltr. Decidious woodland January-February SRGH
L. nervosa (Thunb.) Lindl. Riverine vegetation, Brachystegia woodland, submontane grassland, 500-1675m January-February PR, FZ,SRGH
M. weberbaueriana (Kraenzl.) Summerh. Deep shade in riverine forest and dense woodland, 900-1750m January-February SRGH
N. adolphi Schltr. var. adolphi High rainfall woodland, submontane grassland, pine plantations, 900-1750m November  
N. ballii G.Will. Brachystegia woodland, grassland, Syzygium thicket, pine plantations, 600-1500m November FZ,SRGH
N. crociformis (Zoll. & Moritzi) Seidenf. Brachystegia woodland, grassland, evergreen forest, pine plantations, 650-2000m November SRGH
N. gassneri Börge Pett. Riverine forest, submontane cypress plantations, 1150-1530m December  
N. kotschyi  (Rchb.f.) Schltr.                                                 var. kotschyi Brachystegia woodland, riverine forest, pine plantations,700-1500m November SRGH
N. pectinata P.J.Cribb Leaf mould in evergreen montane forest, cypress plantations, 990-2220m December FZ, SRGH
N. renschiana (Rchb.f.) Schltr. Brachystegia woodland and riverine forest fringe, 100-900m November FZ
N. shirensis (Rolfe) Schltr. Brachystegia woodland and riverine forest, grassland, pine & cypress plantations, 480-1950m   SRGH
N. stolziana Schltr. Brachystegia woodland, submontane  and riverine vegetation, pine & Eucalyptus plantations, 900-1800m November  
O. maculata (Lindl.) Lindl. Leaf litter in shade of riverine forest or woodland, 0-1200m December-January  
O. pandurata (Rolfe) Garay & P.Taylor Shade of riverine forest, c. 900m    
P. buchananiana (Kraenzl.) Rolfe Wet grassland and on seepage slopes, 500-1850m January  
P. pervillei Rchb.f. Woodland and damp grassland, 800-1400m January-February PR
S. aberrans Summerh. Montane grassland in rock crevices, 1800-2100m March  
S. anomalum Schltr. Jubernardia and Brachystegia woodland, edge of vlei, 1050-1570m January-February PR
S. breve Rolfe Marshy grassland, vlei, 1200-2300m September-February  
S. buchananii Schltr. Montane grassland, 1300-2300m December-January  
S. chlorocorys Rchb.f. Montane grassland, 1450-2345m January-April SRGH
S. coriophoroides A.Rich. Grassland, edge of woodland, 1400-2300m    
S. elongatum Rolfe Marshy ground, grassy slopes, 1500-1800m January-February  
S. hallackii Bolus  subsp. ocellatum (Bolus) A.V. Hall Marshy areas, vlei, 1000-1360m December-January  
S. longicauda Lindl. Montane grassland, 1575-2000m January-April PR, SRGH
S. macrophyllum Lindl. Grassland, Brachystegia woodland, 1000-1940m March- April  
S. neglectum Schltr. var. neglectum Montane grassland Februari-March SRGH
S. oliganthum Schltr. Montane grassland in tussocky grass amongst boulders, vlei, 1120-2100m February  
S. paludosum Rchb.f. Montane and swampy grassland, vlei, 1300-2100m December-February  
S. sceptrum Schltr. Montane grassland, 1950-2300m January-April  
S. sphaeranthum Schltr. Between evergreen forest and montane grassland, between thicket and Brachystegia woodland, 1280-2200m    
S. trinerve Lindl. Grassland, Brachystegia woodland, vlei, 550-2300m December-March  
S. volkensii Schltr. Brachystegia and mixed woodland,montane grassland, edge of vlei, 1200-2400m December-February  
S. woodii Schltr. Rocky situations, 0-1500m   FZ
S. zambesiaca Rolfe Submontane evergreen forest, on rotting logs or mossy rocks, 1300-2150m February PR
Z. ballii P.J.Cribb Deep shade in leaf litter in riverine forest, 300-1330m September